Spectacular Start to the New Year (NOT!)

This week I have made a huge effort to get to the barn almost everyday and ride Titan pretty hard because we had a super bad Tuesday…..and I mean super duper bad!
The day started normally enough, we rode around….I ate a few bugs while riding, Rache and I babbled like two old grandmas while sedately walking around the outdoor arena. We also of course busted some good moves, some intentional some not so much. In fact, while cantering Titan lost his footing? on his hind end and actually “sat” down on the ground. One moment there was horse under me and the next I was straining to stay up over his withers, major blooper moment and I wish that I would have had my camera running. Anyways. I stayed on and he got up and I assure you he was fine, probably more embarrassed about it than anything else lol. After riding for a few hours I decided he was tired enough that we could again work on going out on the trails farther from the barn but instead of riding I decided to untack him and just halter walk him. Rache and her Mom also decided a walk sounded nice so Chance got to come along and be halter walked as well. Ahem…and then everything just went haywire….in retrospect I realize I must have incredible powers of premonition because as we were about to leave I made us all turn around and go back so I could grab my backpack and put my camera in it just in case I needed both my hands. Then I made Rache’s mom hold him in front of the barn because I decided I wanted to wear my lunge gloves… I stalled again when I went back to grab my sport boots and put them on Titan. Rachel was laughing and saying that we weren’t going on a long hike and although I laughed along I was more comfortable and at ease being totally prepared. Anywho, we got about 10 minutes away from the barn and Titan started getting a little goofy…not scared just really funny and uppity so I tried to do some lazy loops with him and then all of the sudden he flat took off. Let me reiterate, not a spook…..he was HAPPY. Prancing around and showing off….he did one big initial gallop away and then came back towards us before taking off for good and disappearing over the hill.
I did a whole lot of grumbling to myself as I walked back towards the barn and wouldn’t you know it he went back to the barn, harassed some of the horses and then put himself into an empty stall to await my return Grrr.
Not wanting to set a precedent I decided I needed to get him back out so he didn’t get rewarded for the behavior…so we went straight back out to the meadow behind the barn and not 10ft. out he tried to run off again but this time I managed to hang on….and was therefore rewarded with a nice trip being dragged against some fencing. He did eventually stop and we walked around a little bit more and then he took off a third time and raced around the barn a few times before heading into the aisle where I caught him up. I then gave up on the idea of walking him out in the field but I am a very stubborn person and I definitely didn’t want him thinking that behavior would result in being put back up in his cushy stall with food…..so I lunged the heck out of him. I don’t really know how long I lunged him……a long time. I usually don’t go too crazy with lunging but he was being incredibly pissy so I just kept him going until he finally gave me his ear and started licking his lips.

Is it sad that after putting him up the first thing that I checked was the camera in my bag?…..following that I did a quick body check and found a few good bruises….oh, and my arms felt like jelly, they definitely lost the tug-of-war battle.

I decided not to go riding Friday as I was just too sore and tired and needed a night off but I went today right after I got off of work and found him back to being broody…I figured that it might be possible that he was also sore from his adventures earlier in the week so I gave him an extra long warm-up time before getting down to business. Finally we did some cantering and lead changes before finally calling it a night.

Next week I plan on going out around 7am on Tuesday, sometime Thursday night, Friday and Possibly Sunday…hopefully all of this quality time will lead to a better team effort from the two of us.

I also have a fun NEW video that is very different from my other video styles, please watch it in 1080 and if possible for your viewing pleasure maximize the size to the larger video player screen size, it makes such a difference. There are some scenes where Rache is giving Titan a quick test drive and it looks very awkward to say the least, I included them….well, because they are funny to watch…she is a western girl that will try anything even if it may not be her forte.

Enjoy! and Happy Riding!!


One thought on “Spectacular Start to the New Year (NOT!)

  1. Oh dear! I don’t know what it is about the new year but we’ve had one horse fall on new years day (he was fine but the rider is hurt) and a rider came off yesterday and had to go to hospital (but not too serious). Hopefully there won’t be any more injuries.

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