Back from break

Well, its been quite some time since I made a post on here and I must say it is entirely unintentional, life and time just got away from me. 
Since my last post school has resumed, I have picked up some extra hours at work and I have started a new internship at UC Davis…busy!!!
So of course something in my life had to suffer and it turned out that it was the time I spent playing on the computer reading and writing various blogs. Never fear though, now that I have gotten used to the schedule I am finally able to plan and find more time to do the things I want to do. YAY. 
My schedule is not the only big change, Rachel is no longer leasing Chance (the paint horse that was so often in my videos and mentioned in my blog), in fact she is not even riding at the barn anymore. There was a falling out and Rachel grew a little too attached and possessive of a horse that ultimately did not belong to her. And as we all know, where strong emotions are involved and you are asked to share something that is important to you….well often jealousy, anger and blaming begin to rear their ugly head. In any case, she is now looking for a horse to buy and will be boarding at a nearby stable for the time being while she thinks about possibly coming back to my barn where all of her friends are. 
In any case, sometimes moving on and change is necessary and I look forward to the time when she finds her horse because it will be fun going out and spending time with her while she tries to accomplish her riding goals. 
As for myself and Titan, I have been riding pretty regularly although for a few weeks I will admit I didn’t have time to go out at all….and I felt horrible about it!
However, since then I have been riding fairly frequently and we haven’t worked on too much in particular except bopping about the arena and having fun…..building my and Titan’s stamina. I think its funny to mention that I found out that Titan has been taken out by one of the trainers and on both occasions he broke away….once he was in the arena and he took off and chased another horse. And yet another time he ran off while being walked from the upper arena to the indoor area and he ran into the sitting area in the barn and then jumped one of the support cables Lol, the big turd!
This weekend we rode around for a few hours and I actually remembered to take some fun media clips for everyone. I should mention that I have decided to include a blooper of us going over a ground pole….I am still not quite certain what happened but it is funny looking….I almost fell off….and besides its important to include those imperfect moments because EVERYONE has them…even those so called professional riders 🙂
Enjoy watching and I will be sure to update more frequently 


And here is the video where I am nearly unseated by a ground pole….Even watching it I can see that he kind of tries to go over it a little early and then he looses his footing? Not quite sure but I was not ready for that kind of ride and nearly came off. Funny to watch so I had to include it lol. 

Happy winter riding everyone!



4 thoughts on “Back from break

  1. Enjoyed your entry. Bad Titan. Must admit I got a kick out his antics. Too bad about your friend. Hope she can find a horse and comes back to the barn.

    That’s one thing I realize about leasing a horse. He is not mine. Period. I inform the trainer when I think something’s happening with him, either physically or attitude-wise. Other than that, I’m grateful I can even lease a horse at all.

    Moved to a different barn, due to my trainer moving. Like it better here as they have a covered arena, yay. Enjoyed your vid. Glad you can write once in a while now, even with a killer schedule. 🙂

    • Haha, glad to hear you have moved and are enjoying the new covered arena!
      Rachel has found a new horse but I feel it is not a good match but she won’t be deterred…it is an unbroken 3 year old paint…she was more or less worried about color and markings rather than temperament and confirmation. In any case she is having it delivered to Gibson Ranch on Thursday and I look forward to meeting him and wishing them well.

      You know there are certain benefits to leasing a horse…never having to worry about medical issues, the cost is always the same and for good or bad…its not permanent so you have more leeway when it comes creating a partnership. On the bad side….well, they aren’t yours!

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