Big headache!

Well, in some ways life at the barn has been very uneventful…..but at the same time very eventful.
After my last post that was the last ride that I have had on Titan because he was injured again while being handled. While leading him out from his stall he broke away from the lady who works there and took a good spill and got some scabs in the process along with a lot of soreness and temporary lameness in his rear end. I did get on him and walk him but his hind end kept on falling out of under me and it was just a little too worrisome even though the vet assured me that he was just stiff and that light exercise would be good for him. So I put him up and just enjoyed yelling pointers at one of the girls that really enjoys taking informal lessons from me.
Following that the next time I went out I did some jumping on chance and found that he has regressed a lot, he has a newbie leaser that is sweet as pie but knows nothing about riding and she lets him get away with a lot. Anyways… shows in how he behaved when I was actually asking him to work. He balked at every jump and every time I asked for the canter he would start to rear…we worked through the jumping issue but didn’t really tackle the cantering issue all the way.
Then the following week after Titan finally was improving he had another accident. Apparently his stall door hadn’t been latched all the way and he got out and was running around outside….I have had this happen a few times and instead of chasing him or trying to corral him I make sure horses and people in the aisle way are aware that he is loose an I do my best to clear a path back to his stall…..HE ALWAYS GOES BACK TO HIS STALL. In any case the same lady that he has been breaking away from tried trapping him on the wrong side of the barn by pulling one of the rolling metal doors down by about 2 feet and leaving it at that height before trying to trap and catch him. He of course tried to run away and ran right into the metal door that was now at forehead height….he didn’t even see it. I know it wasn’t intentional but it is kind of idiotic..with horses you can’t do things in parts…it’s all or nothing….so closing it partway was a rookie mistake that caused a gruesome accident. Titan basically scalped himself…pulled off all of his tissue in a huge flap on the top of his head. He had to be fully sedated and rolled around so he could be stitched back up. So many setbacks, nobody’s intention and no one is really at fault but it still stinks. Stitches come out Tuesday so worst case I should be back in the saddle by next Friday
Titans head



This was today…he’s looking much better and he’s rocking an awesome hairstyle! 🙂







7 thoughts on “Big headache!

  1. The poor guy! I hope he doesn’t have any more of these incidents for a while. He does look as though he’s healing up.

  2. Thanks for all of the kind words everyone! It is certainly disheartening at times but I am just glad that no one was permanently damaged except the metal door that had to be torn out 😛

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