A quick hello

Oh goodness, time has gotten away from me again….I have totally lost track of things…..all things. I am always late for something these days. In any case I have been making time to go out to the barn and ride and after Titan’s head wound finally healed enough and he has been a pain in the butt as usual. The good news is that he has so much spunk and energy….the bad news is that he has so much spunk and energy lol. He has gained a pretty good amount of weight and is finally starting to fill in with muscle over his top line and in his haunches….yippee. I don’t feel so much like I will get on and break him anymore. Maybe his brain matter has moved to his butt? He now has issues simply following and insists on barging and charging and trying to break away…oh and he has started biting again…it seems to be a persistent periodic problem that comes back every once in awhile. We have been doing ground work…..still a work in progress clearly. On the good side he hasn’t tried to kick me while picking out his back feet in at least a month!

Here is a video I shot of some riding clips and also some clips where I was walking with R and her new horse…….wait for it….Prince Charming. Gag gag…….okay, now move beyond it and congratulate her and tell her what a lovely name it is haha. He is unbroken and horribly pigeon toed but he is “pretty”…can you sense the sarcasm? She was working with a smallish budget and I found her so many awesome prospects but they were all “too brown…too blah”. Kind of frustrating but I have moved on from it and am just happy for her at this point.

And please as always pause the video when it first starts and set the resolution to HD then resume watching, it makes a huge difference. 🙂

In other very sad and stressful news my good dog Ben who is the picture for the header of this page is near the end of his life I believe. We have had an awful weekend and he just seems to be declining pretty quick in many different ways. I have been looking into home euthanasia options for sometime soon as I feel like at this point I am keeping him here for selfish reasons? Lots of tears and sadness on my part and Ben just sleeps on oblivious….too sad.
To top off that horribly morbid news it is finals week and I just can’t get into it….at all. I am sort of at a loss of what to do, I suppose this is some sort of depression and stress/anxiety disorder?

Ah well, it is the night before one of the tests and I must be off to cram some more, wish me luck all! ‘~’


2 thoughts on “A quick hello

  1. My heartfelt sympathies regarding Ben. It is tough to deal with, and I completely understand the keeping of the companion at home. For us, I think it was selfish — but I also believe a short period of that is necessary to come to the final decision to do what is kindest for our friends. 😦

    On a brighter note, I laughed SO HARD at the portion in your entry about the friend’s horse, his appearance, his name, and the other “blah brown horses” thing. Wow.

    Good luck with finals. Just keep in mine Ben is probably weighing on you. It is very hard to concentrate and focus, when our focus is elsewhere. Hope finals go well though.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Ben passed shortly following that post….very very sad. But he had the best life possible!

      I made it through finals just swell and now have a few days off to gather my wits and recuperate from all of the stress I suppose.

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