Started 2015 with a bang….or at the very least a horse falling on you.

Like the title says…a horse fell on me….and I didn’t even have the pleasure of riding it. I was standing around minding my own business and in a fluke a lovely stupid horse got its foot stuck in the fence and clotheslined himself and his shoulders hit my right leg from the side. Even before that though I was admittedly riding a lot less simply because I don’t have the time at the moment…three more months and then my schedule and commitment load drops dramatically.
And, not to sound even more depressing I have officially not been leasing Titan for the past 4 months….I couldn’t validate leasing him when I was going out to ride 3-4 times a month maximum. However, he has grown dependent on our rides and becomes downright surly without them…so I have been asked to stop in and ride as much as possible for free just to keep him rideable, yay for grumpy horses! Now just have to wait for my knee to heal up!

In the meantime I have been doing a lot with my newest pup Finn, he is 7 months old now…really hard for me to believe how fast that time has flown by. We are working on various dog sports and have done some dog conformation shows which have been very interesting, some of those folks are downright odd. We have not done so hot….something seems to go wrong and its mostly my fault since I am new to everything dog show related. Last show we got last every time…and one time I accidentally pulled off his collar in the ring….doh! Oh well, its a learning process and at some point I will get my act together. Finn also needs some more training…he gets very excited and distracted in the ring….but no matter what happens or what place we get I always play with him before we exit the judging ring and tell him how good he did 🙂

Well, that is basically what I have been up to, I plan to go out and try to get a ride in at the end of February if my knee is feeling up to it by then. Loved catching up with you all, wish Finn and I luck on the 15th and 16th, it will be our second show!


This is Finn last weekend at 7 months old.


This is the very last photo I showed of Finn I think? This was about 6 weeks old.

This is the very last photo I showed of Finn I think? This was about 6 weeks old.


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